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Cannock, Staffs, uk
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My Occupation Driving Instructor over the Pond in the UK. I only wish the driving test was as easy in the UK as it it is Stateside ! Think yourself lucky you don't have rotaries every half mile ! Hobbies (read that as Obsession !) Pins, pins and more pins. I tend to think about pins every minute I am not doing my job. I think there are a lot of people who are in the same boat as me. I tend to only get the chance to go Stateside once or twice a year but it nearly always involves going to a park. Nobody else in the family shares my hobby and they find it really strange that I will walk up to Cast Members and find out what pins they have to trade ! I love the rides as well and discovered I like the upside down rides for the first time last year. Having been every year to the parks since 1998 I have a real regret that I was such a wuss for all those years - lol ! Rock'n'roller coaster has to be the best 'RUSH' I have had for many a year ! My other love is my local soccer team (Walsall FC). They are not a big team like the Manchester United's of the world but we have a regular 6,000 people turn up for home games and last season we were promoted as Champions from League Two for only the second piece of silverware in our 120 year history ! I've added a couple of links to show you what we are all about - Enjoy ! The cat in the picture is one of our foster cats who became very close to us in the two months he was here ! We called him Bart from the Simpsons as there was five kittens in that litter. As he got older I tended to call him Barty Crouch (Harry Potter) as it seemed to fit him perfectly ! We have now fostered twelve adults and nine kittens since we started at the beginning of 2007 !

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